Miracle ear hearing aid stores provide a lifelong partnership for the interest of yoru hearing health

Lifelong Partnership

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When you choose Miracle-Ear®, we’re with you for life. We offer free lifetime care and service for  your Miracle-Ear hearing aids purchased at any one of our more than 1,200 locations nationwide. Chances are, wherever you live or travel, you can visit a Miracle-Ear location for questions or care.


We are the only hearing center to provide this kind of nationwide service.





Free Hearing Aid CHECKUPS

At Miracle-Ear, we want to keep your hearing aids clean and working well for years. That’s why we offer free checkups for Miracle-Ear customers to:

  • Check all components for proper functioning.
  • Thoroughly deep clean each hearing aid.
  • Check for proper fit.
  • Review your wearing schedule and discuss your hearing.
  • Install a fresh battery in each hearing aid.

Receive a free hearing test

There's no need to live without all the important sounds in your life. Schedule a free hearing checkup today!