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For over 65 years Miracle-Ear® has been one of America's most recognized brands, synonymous with better hearing. Miracle-Ear associates benefit directly from this enormous brand awareness. There is no better-respected or well-known brand in hearing aids than Miracle-Ear.

Committed to your career success

Technology has changed the hearing care industry dramatically, and it’s only moving forward faster. Although hearing health care experience isn’t required, learning agility and adaptable technical skills will be a key part of your success. With support from corporate training seminars and online learning modules, you’ll be able to develop these skills even further.

Confidence, attentiveness, empathy, and thorough analytical skills will be leveraged as you diagnose customers from the moment they meet you. A great care provider asks clients a few more questions than needed to establish trust and treat the unique aspects of each customer case.


You’ll also be rewarded by recommending the best hearing solutions for each customer’s unique needs. Lean-in to discover how Miracle-Ear can add value to someone’s life, and then help them understand for themselves.

A focus on service

Building relationships today creates customers for life, so a passion for customer service will go far. Along with a competitive salary,  a great benefit to working with Miracle-Ear® is knowing you’ll make a positive impact on people every day.

Nobody expects you to be right all of the time, but it is essential to understand the impact of your recommendations. Strong decision quality and discerning judgment are a must have to succeed.

Committed to the community

Miracle-Ear is removing the barriers that keep people from getting the help they need. Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation™, together with our donors, has been providing hearing aids, follow-up care, and educational resources to people with hearing loss whose income is limited. The Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 6,500 hearing aids to 4,100 individuals nationwide.

Advancing science

Since the first Miracle-Ear hearing instrument was manufactured more than half a century ago, hearing aid technology has advanced remarkably — and we have been a key force in that advancement. Today, the entire line of Miracle-Ear hearing systems is based on 100% digital technology, providing unprecedented sound quality and performance. The latest Miracle-Ear systems include digitally programmable micro-circuitry, contained inside tiny — virtually invisible hearing instruments.

Miracle Ear Training

Miracle-Ear® associates take pride in being some of the best-trained professionals in the industry. Whether you're a sales assistant, sales consultant, audiologist or manager, you'll receive extensive and ongoing training to keep you performing to your potential. Our training programs cover a full array of topics, from the basics of customer interaction to the most advanced hearing-aid fitting techniques.

Won't you join Miracle-Ear on this exciting, rewarding journey?

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