learning about hearing aid accessories, from miracle ear, that can help preserve hearing health

Hearing Aid Accessories Designed with You in Mind

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Miracle-Ear® offers a broad catalog of hearing aid accessories designed to make your hearing aids function with Bluetooth® technology and work seamlessly for years to come.

Wireless Communication

Listen to your cell phone conversations on both ears, enjoy music from your MP3 player or stereo, and watch TV programs at the volume you prefer with these compact and easy-to-use Miracle-Ear wireless communication devices.

Hearing Aid Remote Controls

Manage volume, program, and environmental changes at the touch of your fingertips. Miracle-Ear remote controls offer the ultimate in ease and convenience, and are small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.

Battery Chargers and Dehumidifiers

Maintain the usability of your Miracle-Ear hearing devices nightly with these unique combination hearing aid chargers and dehumidifiers from Miracle-Ear.