remote hearing aids from miracle ear help combat hearing loss

Hearing Aid Remote Controls

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Manage volume, program, and environmental changes at the touch of your fingertips. Miracle-Ear® remote controls offer the ultimate in ease and convenience, and are small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.Miracle-ear hearing aid remote available at hearing centers


Standard Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Remote


The standard Miracle-Ear remote features an easy-to-use interface that enables hearing aid wearers to adjust the volume, program and environment of their Miracle-Ear hearing aid. This remote enables users to adjust their hearing aid to react to changing hearing situations without having to touch their hearing aid. 


Miracle-Ear Pen Remote

The Miracle-Ear Pen Remote offers the ultimate level of control in a small, discreet package. With this Pen Remote, you can fit your hearing aid remote control in your shirt pocket, ensuring that adjusting your hearing aid is as simple as the "click of a pen".