grandfather enjoying guitar with grandson thanks to Miracle-Ear hearing aids

A Smarter Way To Hear

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Our new ClearVation™ technology platform combines innovations in clarity and comfort to provide a personalized listening experience for every individual. It is truly a leap forward in hearing aid technology, providing a hearing experience never available before.


a personalized listening experience

ClearVation learns your individual preferences to deliver just-right sound amplification. After your initial fitting, the hearing aid will continue to adapt to your hearing habits, ears and brain, providing:
  • Clarity — powerful new technology provides "transparent" amplification for more natural sounds.
  • Comfort  — ClearVation delivers a more nuanced and brilliant sound quality.
  • Personalization — innovative algorithms learn your individual preferences.
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The latest in hearing aid technology is here, enabling you to enjoy effortless hearing and full sound so natural, you just may forget you’re wearing hearing aids!

Technical Specifications:

  • Microprocessor includes 18 million transistors.
  • Capable of executing 250 million instructions per second.
  • Up to 48 channels, making it easier to hear with less effort, even in noisy environments.
  • Frequency range of 12kHz, for more brilliant and natural sound.

Other Benefits:

  • Frequency compression to help hear speech more clearly.
  • Directional microphone technology reduces listening effort.
  • Enhanced frequency shaping for truly personalized sound.
  • Better feedback cancelling means no whistling or squeaks.