Genius technology helps cope with hearing loss with tools that sync directly to your miracle-ear hearing aids

New GENIUS Technology Provides Better Than Normal Hearing.

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GENIUS Hearing AidsNew GENIUS™ technology provides you up to 25% better speech recognition in challenging listening environments than people with normal hearing.

With these incredible new features, you’ll enjoy more natural sound quality wherever life takes you:

  • Directional Focus helps you hear front and center, blocking unwanted noise around you 
  • Wireless Windscreen takes away the wind noise, allowing other sounds to be heard more clearly 
  • VoiceTarget 360 zeroes in on the people and conversations you want to hear in any direction
  • HD2Sound processes sound the same way your brain does naturally, because two ears are better than one! 

These new features engage, disengage, adapt smoothly and automatically in response to the changing acoustic environment, and work together without compromising battery life.


High Definition digital sound for the best binaural listening experience ever.

GENIUS Binaural Wireless 3.0

With GENIUS, we introduce Binaural Wireless 3.0 data transmission technology. In a bilateral fitting, Binaural Wireless 3.0 directly transmits audio signals between the two hearing instruments. As a result, the hearing instruments not only use the information picked up by their own two microphones, but also the acoustic signal from the two microphones of the other hearing aid. This way, each hearing instrument works with input from four microphones. Together as a bilateral pair, they create a virtual eight-microphone network that causes a heightened sensitivity of the acoustic environment: We call this “High Definition Digital Sound” or HD2Sound.


GENIUSfocus. Hearing That's More Precise Than Ever – 
From All Directions.

Genius Focus diagram showing directional focus

GENIUSfocus uses Directional Focus and VoiceTarget 360 to precisely focus on the desired sound, in all directions. In the front, Directional Focus precisely focuses so much that it helps you understand speech even better than people with normal hearing in challenging listening environments.*


GENIUSsound. Features Work In Harmony For The Best Speech Intelligibility.

GENIUSsound wireless windscreen diagram

GENIUSsound ensures optimal sound quality in the presence of wind, thanks to High Definition Digital Sound (HD2Sound). The Wireless Windscreen strategically replaces the audio with the better quality to the other ear. This reduces annoying wind without compromising spatial perception, localization or audibility.


GENIUSguide. Hearing Has Never Been So Individualized.

GENIUS guide diagram showing how it can assist with hearing loss

GENIUSguide gives you control to choose the span or the direction of the sounds you want to hear. With Speech Navigator, you can zoom in or change the direction of the microphones with your smartphone via the GENIUSlink.


The New GENIUScontrol App.  

Full Control At Your Fingertips.

The GENIUScontrol App lets you discreetly and conveniently change hearing programs, volume, bass and treble via their Android or Apple iOS smartphones. With an operating range of 3 feet, it sends an ultra-high frequency signal directly to the hearing instruments – without needing any extra hardware. The GENIUScontrol App works with all new GENIUS hearing instruments and is free to download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.    

GENIUS APP allows hearing aids to connect, wirelessly, to your phone





The New GENIUSlink. 

GENIUSstreaming. GENIUSpairing. Right out of the box.

Worn around the neck, the lightweight GENIUSlink audio streamer and remote control quickly and reliably connects the new GENIUS RIC and GENIUS XT RIC models to Bluetooth®  enabled devices. Ready right out of the box, it sends sound from TVs, mp3 players, phones, the MEComConnect, or other audio sources directly to wearers’ instruments.

Bluetooth audio streaming allows for sounds to stream directly into hearing aids

GENIUSlink functions at a glance:

  • One button, all functions: the intuitively operable multi-function button detects the situation, adjusts the function and controls streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources.
  • Versatile: connects via line-in, bluetooth and dai to fm sources, transmitters, mecomconnect, tvs, stereos, mp3s, laptops and more.
  • Reliable: the neck loop antenna ensures the right placement for a reliable operation and delivers excellent sound quality to the wearer– or to a caller through its high performance built-in microphone.
  • Improved streaming time: thanks to binaural wireless 3.0, geniuslink offers reliable data transmission with minimum power consumption for exceptionally durable streaming.
  • Ready to use: no need to pair in harmony ii because geniuslink works out of the box. Wearers can easily pair their hearing aids to bluetooth-enabled devices.

The New GENIUSlink App. 

Turn Smartphones Into A Hearing Aid Control Center.

The GENIUSlink App, available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones offers discreet and visual control of the hearing instruments, GENIUSlink, and audio sources. It is the discreet and convenient companion to the GENIUS hearing aids.

GENIUS Link App allows volume control and adjustments to your hearing aid
  • Visual display: Control volume, adjust balance, select programs and audio sources, status information
  • Quick access to audio sources: Stream and toggle from TV and phone
  • Free with purchase of GENIUSlink
  • Download from the App Store or Google Play
  • Activate Speech Navigator…easily