explanation of how hearing aids work and the need for hearing tests at miracle-ear

How Hearing Aids Work

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Most hearing aids today are digital devices that use complex algorithms to selectively amplify and process sounds. They consist of one or more microphones, an amplifier and a speaker (or receiver). Each Miracle-Ear® device comes with software that a certified consultant will use to customize the hearing aid to your specific lifestyle and listening needs.
Because the ear-brain connection changes as you begin hearing new tones and sounds, we pay close attention and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your hearing aids are working perfectly in concert with you.
Unlike big box stores that fit you once and send you home, Miracle-Ear is your partner for life, providing:
  • An industry-leading limited three-year warranty* 
  • Free office visits and follow-up care
  • Personalized programming
  • Free annual hearing tests**
  • Free cleaning and adjustments
  • Nationwide service at 1,200+ locations across the U.S.
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I have the Miracle-Ear behind-the-ear aids. I honestly forget that I have them in. Everything sounds so natural, and I love the remote, which allows me to change the channels in different situations. They are truly a miracle.

Roy T., Bristol, TN
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