hearing aids so small you barely notice them are now available from Miracle-Ear

The Invisible Hearing Aid: Miracle-Ear Mirage

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For people with hearing loss who want the ultimate in
discretion, Miracle-Ear® offers Mirage™, a 100% invisible hearing aid that makes no compromises when it comes
to quality, features or sound.

The 100% invisible hearing aid

Mirage is a fully-programmable, digital hearing aid, custom-designed by a Miracle-Ear consultant to fit your ear canal. The smallest hearing aid currently available, Mirage offers you the option of better hearing that’s entirely your business.



Mirage features include:

  • FeedBackFS 2.0, providing the fastest feedback reduction available and virtually eliminating embarrassing “whistling,” even in the presence of a microwave.
  • SoundBoost™, to help manage extended exposure to high-frequency amplified sound and give you a more natural experience at concerts or other sound-rich events.
  • Intelligent Peak Smoothing™, a unique feature that reduces spontaneous short-duration loud sounds, so you are not bothered by amplified noises such as a plate shattering on a kitchen floor.