Why You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss Now

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There’s the obvious effect of hearing loss: you’re missing out on music, children’s laughter, movie dialog and the voices of the people you love. But that’s not all. There are many stealthy side effects you may not notice at first. Left untreated, hearing loss can have a very negative impact on your overall quality of life.


A recent Johns Hopkins study proved that people with untreated hearing loss are at a higher risk for cognitive problems and dementia, possibly because the strain of trying to decode sounds overwhelms the hearing-impaired brain.


An oft-cited 1999 study from the National Council on Aging found significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety and other psychosocial disorders among people with untreated hearing loss.

Lower Income

A Better Hearing Institute study involving more than 40,000 households discovered that people with untreated hearing loss have up to $30,000 lower average income. For people with milder hearing losses, hearing aids can offset this impact by 90 - 100%. For those with severe to moderate hearing losses, hearing aids can offset this impact by 65 - 77%.

Social Isolation

The most anecdotal but profound effect of untreated hearing loss, social isolation and loneliness is linked to all three negative outcomes (depression, lower income and dementia) above.