Hilariously Misheard Holiday Lyrics

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The holidays have arrived, and you know what that means: lots of food, family and cheer. But one of things we love the most about the holidays are the songs, even if we don’t always get the lyrics right.

Here are a few of our favorite misheard holiday lyrics. Hit it, Pinocchio!

The Actual Lyrics: "All of the other reindeer."

The Actual Lyrics: "Later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire."

The Actual Lyrics: "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale, they say."

The Actual Lyrics: "Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh."

The Actual Lyrics: "Sleep in heavenly peace."

While these misheard lyrics might provide a few giggles, hearing loss is no laughing matter. If you are experiencing difficulty hearing, schedule a free hearing exam at Miracle-Ear. Maybe Santa will even put you back on the Nice List!