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Location in Augusta, GA

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center Augusta, GA

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3626 Walton Way Ext
Ste 12
Augusta, GA 30909

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Augusta, GA

If you're looking for a way to overcome the challenges of hearing loss, a visit to Miracle-Ear® could increase your quality of life. At our hearing aid center, you can learn about hearing aids in Augusta, GA. We'll demonstrate the personal control and high-definition sound provided by our products.

Advanced Audio Innovations

Our GENIUS™ Technology is built upon the latest advancements in the industry. With our products, you'll have control over audio settings, Bluetooth® connectivity options, and a choice of styles in order to ensure a comfortable fit.

Directional Focus, Wireless Windscreen, VoiceTarget 360, and HD2Sound are features found in our hearing aids with GENIUS™ Technology that work in concert to produce exceptional sound clarity. You'll experience a reduction in annoying background noises and still be able to hear the people you want to hear. Your hearing aids will allow you to focus on people speaking in front of you and from all sides. This will greatly improve your ability to participate in conversations. Even the soft voices of children will be enhanced.

Excellent Customer Care

You'll be able to get a free hearing test* at our hearing aid center. Along with your personal preferences, the status of your hearing will allow us to assist you in selecting an appropriate style. Going forward, we'll provide comprehensive support for you and your hearing aids. Your routine checkups will include:

  • An inspection of your ears for wax
  • An assessment of how your hearing aids fit
  • A thorough cleaning of your hearing aids
  • A testing each component for functionality
  • Any necessary adjustments
  • An installation of new batteries
  • A review of your wearing schedule

As a Miracle-Ear® customer, you'll also have peace of mind when you travel. We're part of a network of more than 1,200 centers throughout the country, which means you'll be able to access service when you're on the road.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Augusta, GA

Pleasures such as family gatherings or live performances that have been diminished by hearing loss could once again become accessible to you. To learn why we’re America's most recognized brand of hearing aids, call our Miracle-Ear hearing center in Augusta today.

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Joseph P. Cash M.S;B.C.-H.I.S. - Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Profile Photo of Joseph P. Cash M.S;B.C.-H.I.S. - Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Joe is a 30 year native of Las Vegas, Nevada. He met his wife Celeste their and lead Worship with her at "Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Las Vegas. While attending a Nursing program in North Las Vegas Joe met a group of Hearing Instrument Specialists from Miracle Ear who were passionate in helping people to hear with their God given talents and started a career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. He became Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science in 1991 and has managed various Miracle Ear Centers in Nevada, Georgia and South Carolina for over 25 years. In 1992 Joe and Celeste moved to Augusta Georgia where he finished his education while working as a Sells Manager for a local State Farm Insurance Agency. Upon completing his MBA Joe went back to work for Miracle Ear locally in Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina. His patients are like family to him and he loves serving them.

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Miracle-Ear Reviews

If you were happy with our service please leave us a positive review on any one of these sites by clicking the link and logging into your account.

We hear positive feedback every day about how our technology changes the lives of our customers. We know that choosing the right hearing aid is an important decision. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Miracle-Ear experience:

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