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Location in Burnsville, MN

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center Burnsville, MN

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14246 Plymouth Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Burnsville, MN

If you’re looking for hearing aids in Burnsville, MN, you can't go wrong with Miracle-Ear®, America's most recognized brand of hearing aids. We have over 1,200 nationwide locations to serve you, and our independently owned and operated center is staffed with hearing care specialists who can help you find the right hearing aid for your needs. Our selection of hearing solutions is sure to have something to fit your lifestyle. We have over 65 years of experience offering solutions to hearing loss, and we're ready to explore your options with you.

Up-to-Date Functionality

Our hearing aid center offers the highest quality hearing aids, and we are proud of our industry-leading innovations like GENIUS™ Technology. With GENIUS™ Technology, you can change acoustic settings easily, and you can try any of our hearing aids for a 30-day, risk-free trial*. We want you to experience our hearing aids in the real world before you feel like you have to make a commitment.

Care After the Sale

When you get to discover and experience the Miracle-Ear® advantage, we’ll provide you with more than excellent customer service while you’re purchasing a hearing solution. Our center offers ongoing checkups to ensure that your hearing aids are working the way they should. During your checkup, we’ll:

  • • Replace your old batteries with fresh ones
  • • Check your ears for earwax buildup
  • • Make sure that your hearing aids fit properly
  • • Review your listening experiences
  • • Adjust your hearing aid as needed

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Burnsville, MN

At Miracle-Ear of Burnsville, we offer our valued customers a free hearing test ** and free hearing aid fittings and repairs. Additionally, our hearing aids come with our outstanding service and a warranty. Call our center today to get more information or to discover what makes us the top name in the industry.

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Kim Johnson - Hearing Instrument Specialist

Profile Photo of Kim Johnson - Hearing Instrument Specialist

I am so proud to be working for a company like Miracle-Ear. We care about our customers, and offer a wide variety of hearing aids for every level of hearing loss. Aftercare and warranty costs are also included with the price of the hearing aid, which helps our clients reduce the overall costs.

I have been in the hearing industry for more than 40 years and I could not be happier that the last five years have been spent with Miracle-Ear. Being able to help people with their hearing and overcome the difficulties they experience in different listening situations gives me so much satisfaction.

I love spending time with my family. I have been married for 40 years and have two daughters, and four beautiful grandchildren. Our summers are spent boating and swimming, and in the winter like many native Minnesotans our family has grown to love skating and ice fishing. Spending time with my family is important to me, and my grandchildren are the joys of my life!

Bailee Lass - Front Office Associate

Profile Photo of Bailee Lass - Front Office Associate

My goal in life has always been to be helpful. When I graduated from college, I saw the perfect opportunity to be helpful and use my degree in Speech Language Hearing Sciences by working for Miracle-Ear. Now, I get to help people hear every day! This is my first "big girl" job out of college, and I love the fun and supportive community of working for Miracle-Ear!

Being a Front Office Associate allows me to use what I learned in college in context, and practice my skills in American Sign Language with deaf customers! What I love most about this job is getting to welcome new customers. It can be scary to learn you have a hearing loss, and I enjoy being the helpful and comforting face of the Burnsville Miracle-Ear. I've always got a positive attitude, and would love to hear how your day is going over a cup of coffee and a treat. I strive to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers, and help them hear a better tomorrow!

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Miracle-Ear Reviews

If you were happy with our service please leave us a positive review on any one of these sites by clicking the link and logging into your account.

We hear positive feedback every day about how our technology changes the lives of our customers. We know that choosing the right hearing aid is an important decision. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Miracle-Ear experience:

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  • State-of-the-art video ear exam
  • Tests to measure response to sounds and spoken words
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