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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center Salina, KS

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328 North Ohio
Salina, KS 67401

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Salina, KS

See how you can transform your life with hearing aids in Salina, KS. Rather than living with fading hearing, it may be possible to experience better than normal hearing with help from America's most recognized brand of hearing aids. Here at Miracle-Ear®, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of hearing aid styles along with great customer service.

The Importance of Early Intervention

We’ll provide you with a free hearing test* so that you can address any hearing problems and embrace an active social life again. While you may feel that you can get by with the struggles you’re currently facing, the fact is that research now links hearing loss with an increased risk of dementia. It’s believed that constantly straining to decode sounds overwhelms the brain and increases the risk of cognitive problems.

People with hearing loss also tend to feel more isolated and depressed as they withdraw from social situations. Research also indicates that hearing problems can lead to lower income levels as it impacts an individual’s ability to work effectively. The good news is that you can overcome all of these problems by investing in the right type of hearing aid.

Available Styles

You’re an individual, so you deserve to be treated like one. We know that you have unique concerns and challenges, so we offer several different types of hearing aids. We’ll help you weigh the different options, which include:

  • Behind-The-Ear
  • Receiver-In-The-Canal
  • Completely-In-The-Canal
  • In-The-Canal
  • In-The-Ear

We have options for mild to severe hearing loss. Rest assured that the ones that go outside the ear can be made to match the color of your skin.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Salina, KS

If you want the top hearing aid, then consider one with our GENIUS™ Technology. This type of hearing solution comes with Bluetooth® connectivity and can cut down on feedback and wind noise. People throughout Salina and the surrounding areas have turned to our hearing aid center for assistance. Call Miracle-Ear today to see how we can help you hear the world clearly so that you can improve your quality of life.

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Mark Kind, BC-H.I.S.

Profile Photo of Mark Kind, BC-H.I.S.

Mark grew up on a farm in Dickinson County. He started working for Miracle Ear in October of 2000. Since then he has become a licensed hearing instrument specialist, a Miracle Ear certified Consultant, and was Nationally Board Certified in 2003. he then went on to serve as the Vice President of the Kansas Hearing Society and currently is serving as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the State of Kansas.

Mark has been happily married to Marsha (RN) for over 18 years. They have two very active children Kody and Kyla. When he is not chasing his children at various sporting events. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors, at his dad's farm, or his hunting camp. His primary goal is to help every patient to the best of his abilities. To help them enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Gwen Begnoche - H.I.S. Consultant

Profile Photo of Gwen Begnoche - H.I.S. Consultant

Hello! I'm Gwen and I am a transplant from Washington State. I grew up on a ranch so beautiful they have made several television shows and movies in the region. If you've ever heard of Twilight or The X-Files, then you know exactly what I am talking about. I came to Kansas for the first time when I was 18 and saw the most glorious sunrise of my life, I returned many years later and after the YEARS of rain which makes Northwest Washington gorgeous. I fell in love with Kansas and its weeks and weeks of sun. I then fell in love again with Todd Begnoche, a firefighter/paramedic in Salina. I�€™m happily here to stay in the lovely state of Kansas and I can�€™t wait to meet all of you!

Cassie Streit - Front Office Assistant

Profile Photo of Cassie Streit - Front Office Assistant

Cassie is a Kansas native, growing up in the Salina area, she has strong ties to the community and its amazing culture. She loves art, music, and nature. If you don't see her in the office you will probably find her at the lake with her dogs, at an area demolition derby, or the nearby dirt tracks. She has been with her wonderful husband for over 10 years, they live in rural Ottawa County and together they are hobby farmers. Cassie is nothing short of passionate about life. She looks forward to meeting you soon!

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Miracle-Ear Reviews

If you were happy with our service please leave us a positive review on any one of these sites by clicking the link and logging into your account.

We hear positive feedback every day about how our technology changes the lives of our customers. We know that choosing the right hearing aid is an important decision. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Miracle-Ear experience:

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