Mireacle Ear provides training and education to their hearing aid equipment store owners

Franchisee Training and Education

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Customer experience is what sets the Miracle-Ear® brand apart in the hearing-care marketplace. We provide every franchisee, hearing-care consultant, and front office assistant with the training needed to deliver the highest quality of service, from testing to fitting, to aftercare.

Our training and education programs include:

  • The Miracle-Ear Experience™, our proprietary customer sales process focusing on key elements that drive satisfaction and loyalty .
  • License preparation courses.
  • Certification programs for consultants and front office assistants through our sophisticated online Learning Management System.
  • Ongoing product training.
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In addition, we offer workshops to help you understand all critical elements of operating a retail hearing business, such as:

  • Financial statements and best practices.
  • Forecasting and budgeting.
  • Marketing planning, tracking, and analysis.
  • The Miracle-Ear Experience and customer loyalty.
  • Professional development and training resources.
  • Mapping and planning assistance for expansion.
  • Understanding key performance indicators and how to improve management.

From a young person’s standpoint, I think there are lots of advantages to being in this business, especially with the team of support and the tools Miracle-Ear is creating. You have a competitive advantage.

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