Miracle-ear has brought hearing health and hearing aid solutions to Waco

Helping a Community: Waco, Texas

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The Miracle-Ear Foundation® and Pat Curry, Texas Miracle-Ear® franchise owner, partnered to provide hearing solutions in April 2013 to those affected by the fertilizer explosion north of Waco, Texas. 

Jennifer Barak, Ben Norris, and Robert Mills immediately opened the doors of Pat Curry’s nearby Miracle-Ear Centers to help those affected in their neighborhood by the explosion. 

For such a devastating event, the least we could do as a local business is extend our services and support the hearing of those in our community.

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“We provided free hearing screenings and aids to those who lost their existing hearing aids during the explosion.”

Jennifer and Ben encouraged the community to stop by any one of the Miracle-Ear locations so they could evaluate hearing loss and fit community members with new hearing aids.

In partnership with Pat, the Miracle-Ear Foundation supports underserved children and adults across the country with their hearing healthcare needs. 

Working with Miracle-Ear centers across the country like those in Waco, Texas, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 8,000 hearing aids to over 5,000 individuals nationwide.