Dyanne talks about how Miracle-Ear Foundation Hearing Aids impacted her life

Dyanne’s Miracle-Ear Story

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A studious 17 year-old who loves music and friends, Dyanne R. is delighted to have new hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation..


Miracle-Ear® has helped me a lot in life. Without my hearing aids, I couldn’t finish my sentences without stuttering.

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Dyanne’s father Frank agrees. “We thought that her stuttering was because she tried to talk too fast.”

Dyanne's family noticed noticed hearing loss when Dyanne was 11 years old. “We used to call her name and a lot of times she wouldn’t answer. We thought she was just ignoring us.”

At school, Dyanne was diagnosed with hearing loss. 

“When we found out she needed hearing aids, our situation was not the greatest, and we were struggling to find help,” says Frank. “It was a big expense.”
When Dyanne received a pair of hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation, Frank shared his feelings, “we were ecstatic,” he recalls. “It is something I can’t describe. Just the simple fact that our daughter was going to be able to have normal hearing was phenomenal.

“With the hearing aids, her speech definitely got better! She is actually able to hear now.” 


Dyanne's father wants to help spread the word about the Miracle-Ear Foundation. “That is something we can’t be thankful enough for, for getting your help for Dyanne. The Miracle-Ear Foundation is going to benefit a whole bunch of kids out there, just like it benefitted my child,” he says.


Not every person will experience the same results. Talk to your Miracle-Ear hearing consultant about your treatment options.