The Gift of Hearing: Phillip’s Miracle-Ear Story

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Phillip D., 23, of Roosevelt, Utah has experienced hearing loss all his life.

Phillip can read lips and knows some sign language, but life without sound can be challenging. “He has a profound hearing loss,” says audiologist Heather Hellberg.

Phillip and his sister work together at a restaurant, helping one another as necessary. Phillip had a hearing aid, but once it broke, he could not afford to replace it.

In January 2013, thanks to generosity, teamwork, and the Miracle-Ear® commitment to community, Phillip was fitted with a behind-the-ear hearing aid with a custom-made ear mold.

“The Miracle-Ear model Phillip received was new to market and very sophisticated technology,” says Heather. “There are 28 million transistors inside his hearing aid, making 150 million decisions,” she says, snapping her fingers, “just like that.”

Miracle-Ear audiologists like Heather provide a valuable community service, investing their time and donating their expertise to help others.

In addition to Heather through the Miracle-Ear Foundation,® others who helped Phillip receive the gift of sound include Jeannie Hodgkiss with AmeriCorps VISTA and Justin Osmond, founder of The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund.

“Not being able to hear is a real hassle,” Phillip says.

Being able to get a hearing aid like this, I am grateful more than I can say.

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Not every person will experience the same results. Talk to your Miracle-Ear hearing consultant about your treatment options.