Serena shares her story of hearing loss treatment and miracle ear hearing aids

Serena’s Miracle-Ear Story

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An active, social teenager who loves music, dancing, and sports, Serena is delighted to have new hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation.®


I am excited about my new hearing aids. They are going to help me do better in school and make more friends.”

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“I am excited about my new hearing aids,” she says. “They’re going to help me do better in school and make more friends.
“I like talking with my friends and laughing with them. I like to hear the laughter! I like to be in a group, talking, solving problems, supporting each other. My friends make me smile.”
Serena was diagnosed with hearing loss at age five, although she does not remember. “My mom said I would yell,” she shares.
Her mother recalls that Serena would get upset easily. “I used to try to talk to her, but it wouldn’t help,” says Francesca. “Instead, she would scream.” Francesca now knows it was because her daughter was hearing impaired and couldn’t understand.
“We suspected hearing loss because she was not talking properly,” says Francesca.
Francesca turned to teachers at Serena’s school for help. “They told me about Miracle-Ear®. I applied to the Miracle-Ear Foundation, and I got her first pair of hearing aids when she was five, in 2008. I was so excited!
“I was really thrilled that Serena got hearing aids from Miracle-Ear,” says Francesca.
Francesca immediately noticed a difference in her five-year-old daughter. “Serena was so happy because she could hear! She was dancing! It was as though she had new toy.”
Serena was behind on her speech, but caught up quickly. Today, she is a bright, outspoken teenager.
“Serena is very smart,” says her mother. “I am thankful I talked to the teachers about the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Serena can go far because she has the aptitude and she is strict with herself.  I know she can be whatever she wants,” she says proudly.

Not every person will experience the same results. Talk to your Miracle-Ear hearing consultant about your treatment options.