Success stories of those who's hearing loss has been accomodated by hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation

Stories of Success

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The Miracle-Ear Foundation® is committed to improving hearing health nationwide. We donate hearing aids to children and adults in the communities where our consultants work. These stories — from both hearing aid recipients and generous Miracle-Ear® business owners — tell the stories of our community commitment.

Stories from Miracle-Ear Foundation recipients


Miracle-Ear has helped me a lot in life. Without my hearing aids, I couldn't finish my sentences without stuttering.

Being able to get a hearing aid like this… I am grateful more than I can say.

I am excited about my new hearing aids. They are going to help me do better in school and make more friends. .

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Stories from our generous Miracle-Ear business owners


Jolene, our hearing mannequin, makes better hearing fun. She determines the safe hearing levels of various electronics and appliances such as iPods and hair dryers.

We wanted to extend our services and support the hearing of those in our community.

I feel really proud to be part of an organization that not only helps children, but also helps seniors in need.