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LACE Helps You Learn to Listen

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Missing words and conversations? Even with hearing aids?


LACE® — Listening and Communication Enhancement — is an interactive program that helps improve your ear-to-brain “muscle memory.” Just as physical therapy can help rebuild physical strength and compensate for weakness, LACE can assist in developing listening, communication, and conversation skills.


You hear with your ears — but you listen with your brain. Even people with normal hearing can have poor listening skills. The good news is that your brain can be trained to use strategies that compensate for situations when your hearing ears alone might not be enough. LACE helps by:

  • Training your brain how to pick out a voice in a noisy environment.
  • Developing rapid thought processing skills to make up for lost sound.
  • Teaching your brain to focus on one voice at a time.
  • Helping you fill in words you’ve missed based on what you know.
  • Using the words a person has said to predict what may come next.



LACE includes dozens of communication tips and strategies to help you better interact with those around you. After a few sessions performing these tasks, you’ll find yourself conquering difficult listening situations you never imagined. 

diagram showing how LACE hearing aids can help you cope with hearing loss

Difficult Hearing Environments

LACE can help you understand speech in difficult hearing environments, like restaurants, crowds, or groups of people. Your Miracle-Ear® hearing aids have been programmed and fitted to deliver optimized sounds to your ears. The LACE online training system works with your new instruments to improve your listening skills, an essential component in reaching your full hearing potential.

Talk with your Miracle-Ear hearing professional about which LACE option may be best for you.

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