Tips for Healthy Hearing

Understanding proper ear care will go a long way to protect your hearing, prevent further damage and maximize the effectiveness of your hearing aids. 

Ditch the cotton swabs.

Believe it or not, your ears are self-cleaning! Cotton swabs and ear candles can actually damage your eardrum, which can lead to conductive hearing loss. 

Wear protective gear in loud environments.

Any time you experience sounds above 85 decibels, it can damage your hearing permanently. Wear protective earmuffs or earplugs wherever you think you might be exposed to loud noises:

  • Live concerts
  • Movie theaters
  • Shooting ranges
  • Whenever operating lawnmowers or heavy machinery

Watch your diet.

Diet has been found to play a crucial role in both our health and the way we hear. While there’s no hard-set rule for which types of foods you should eat, practicing sound dietary habits today may go a long way in helping you hear better tomorrow. 

Minimize pain reliever use.

While using pain relievers on occasion is fine, frequently using aspirin or ibuprofen can actually lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. These types of medication are classified as ototoxic, which means that over time they literally poison your ears. 

Nix the nicotine.

Did you know that the chemicals found in cigarettes may affect the way your ears process sound? In fact, smokers have been found to be 15 percent more likely to have hearing loss than non-smokers.

Get your hearing checked regularly.

Some hearing problems can be treated if they’re caught early. It’s important to get your hearing checked periodically, and annual hearing exams are recommended once you turn 50. Don’t hesitate to ask your hearing care professional for a hearing test if you are feeling uncertain about your ability to hear. Or, visit any one of our Miracle-Ear locations for a free screening.

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