Accepting Hearing Loss

Empower yourself and those you love to take a step towards treating hearing loss.

We get asked one question, many times: Why does it take so long for our loved ones to seek help? On average, individuals with hearing loss wait 7 years to seek help for their hearing. Think of all the missed moments and precious time that’s lost. We often explain that denial and embarrassment can have a devastating effect on an individual. Our goal is to erase negative emotions around hearing loss and create empowered, proactive individuals. 

Denial and Misconceptions

Denial is a very powerful defense mechanism and one that is often used in conjunction with hearing loss. People may believe that if their hearing is failing, it might mean that they are getting old or losing their independence. The truth is, with age we have more time and resources to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. We are used to fixing whatever is broken in our work, in our homes, and in our lives. So once we recognize that our health needs a little help, we take action.

Although today’s hearing aids cannot reverse your hearing loss, they can minimize the effects it has on your daily life. Moments at work, at a restaurant, with loved ones, and more, all can be fuller and more clear with the help of hearing aids.Today’s hearing aids are not what your grandfather or even your mother wore. The leading-edge digital technology helps to reduce background noise and focus on exactly what you want to hear. These advanced little pieces of technology are designed to be inconspicuous and many are nearly invisible.