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Unveiling the Miracle-Ear advanced hearing aid product line

Experience crystal clear sound with Miracle-Ear
Last update on Aug, 07, 2022

For over 70 years, Miracle-Ear has helped millions of people live better, more fulfilling lives through personalized expert care and cutting-edge hearing aid solutions. Miracle-EarAVAIL™ are our newest and most innovative hearing aids yet, featuring natural sound quality, custom craftmanship, seamless personalization, and next-generation sound performance. Miracle-EarAVAIL™ hearing aids will provide the most realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment so that you can experience all the sounds of life. 

Innovative Technology

M-E Mode™ provides the power of artificial intelligence at the user’s fingertips for next-generation sound performance, even in the most challenging listening environments. With M-E Mode™, a simple “double-tap” signals the hearing aid to automatically switch to the best hearing setting depending on the environment. Then, the hearing aid makes real-time adjustments for the listener to provide the best hearing experience yet. This feature allows the user to reduce their listening efforts and simply enjoy all the sounds of life. 

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Another new feature includes Custom Tinnitus +™, which is a tool that helps combat tinnitus. By working with your hearing care professional, you can pre-select up to five static noises to help best control tinnitus and hear with ease. 

Custom Craftsmanship

The Miracle-EarAVAIL™ line features exceptional hearing aid styles that fit into every lifestyle. Each hearing aid has been expertly designed in the United States and is personalized for your unique ear to provide exceptional sound quality. These hearing aids offer a variety of innovative technology, such as M-E Mode™¹, Custom Tinnitus+™¹, wireless connectivity, and more. 


The Miracle-EarMINI™ are our smallest hearing aids yet, designed to be nearly invisible. Three new models are part of the Miracle-EarAVAIL™ line: MEMINI™ IIC 10 EVMEMINI™ CIC 10 EV, and the MEMINI™ CIC 312 EV. Each hearing aid features natural sound quality and speech understanding in noise, always allowing for high quality hearing. The MEMINI™ CIC 312 EV offers a revolutionary antenna design for the best sound quality possible. Each have a 4–7-day battery life. 


The Miracle-EarCONNECT™ BTE SP 13 EV are more than just Bluetooth® hearing aids. They are elevated with the most advanced technology and include a telecoil, which helps block background noise for clear hearing in all environments. This device has a 6–9-day battery life.


The Miracle-EarENERGY™ ITC R EV are small rechargeable hearing aids that connect seamlessly to your personal devices. This allows you to stream from Apple® iOS and select Android™ devices. While it is small, it is mighty; each full charge provides 23 hours of superior hearing, including 4 hours of streaming.


The Miracle-EarENERGY™ RIC R EV and the Miracle-EarENERGY™ BTE R EV are rechargeable hearing aids that feature streaming to Apple® iOS and select Android™ devices. Each full charge provides 23 hours of superior hearing, including 4 hours of streaming, for the most enjoyable user experience possible.

By pairing these hearing aids with the Miracle-Ear App, users have full control of their hearing by fusing superb sound with enhanced connectivity. The Miracle-Ear App allows hearing aid wearers to adjust hearing aid volume and change their program to optimize their hearing for nearly every situation. It also allows them to book an appointment, find Miracle-Ear locations via the store locator, and access the knowledge center to get the latest articles and news, guidance on hearing aids, tutorials, and more!

Versatile Accessories

The Miracle-EarAVAIL™ line also includes seven new accessories, including chargers, remote controls and microphones, and audio streamers. Each accessory works seamlessly with the user’s hearing aids to supplement their hearing experience and provide complete control over their hearing aids. Discover our new accessories here.

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[1] Available in Level 5 only.

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