2018 Miracle-Ear Foundation Recap

After nearly 30 years of providing free hearing aids to children and adults, the Miracle-Ear Foundation® continues to grow and deliver the Gift of Sound™ to more Americans in need than ever before.

In 2018 the Foundation donated 4,154 hearing aids to 2,077 individuals who had a limited income and no other resources to buy hearing aids. That compares to 3,100 hearing aids donated in 2017. The number of people fit with free hearing aids increased by 31% year over year!

The Miracle-Ear Foundation couldn’t have done it alone. Across the country, more than 700 Miracle-Ear hearing care providers donated an estimated 10,385 hours of testing, fitting and aftercare services in 2018. Miracle-Ear team members helped financially, too. For example, local Miracle-Ear franchisees held special events that raised over $168,000.

We’d also like to recognize Miracle-Ear customers who helped contribute to a successful 2018. This includes $32,448 raised through the Miracle Heroes customer donation program. Thanks to everyone who helped us make a difference in so many lives!

Last, but certainly not least, we’re also proud to share that the Foundation distributed 489,030 sets of earplugs through One Day Without Sound and other outreach activities. This number is up significantly from 100,000 in 2017.

For more information about the Miracle-Ear Foundation or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit us here.

Summit for Sound 2018

The Miracle-Ear Foundation® is proud to announce that Julie McKelvey, a Miracle-Ear Franchise owner with 33 offices across Pennsylvania, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, to raise money to help underprivileged children & adults with hearing loss receive free hearing aids through the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Amber's Gift of Sound™

Amber is the first person to receive hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation as both a child and an adult. Despite many medical issues, Amber has maintained a positive outlook and strong determination. Her hearing aids allow her to pursue her passion: working with children with blindness or low vision. Whether she’s in front of the class or providing individualized instruction, Amber believes it’s important for students to feel connected to their teacher — even if they don’t recognize the visual cues. “I can’t be asking them to repeat themselves multiple times. They need to know I’m paying attention to them, that I’m with them 100%.”

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Amber's Gift of Sound™