A Lifetime of Care for
Your Hearing Aids

Take Care of Your Hearing Aids—And Your Hearing

The day you decided to put Miracle-Ear hearing aids in your ears, you chose much more than advanced Miracle-Ear technology. You also embarked on your personal “Miracle-Ear experience” — which includes a lifetime of comprehensive services and care.

The question is, are you taking advantage of the many valuable perks that are part of the Miracle-Ear experience?

In this issue, we’ll take a look at two of the most important components of the Miracle-Ear experience: free hearing aid service and hearing evaluations.

Protecting Your Investment

Just as people take their cars to a mechanic for regular service, your hearing aids need routine maintenance to ensure peak performance. This is why we provide ongoing hearing aid service. Best of all, this service costs you nothing — for as long as you own your hearing aids.

At each checkup, we perform a comprehensive set of hearing aid services that includes:

  • A test of all components for optimal performance
  • A thorough cleaning
  • A check for proper fit
  • A review of your wearing schedule and listening experience
  • The installation of a fresh battery in each hearing aid
  • Any adjustments you may need to ensure you’re receiving maximum benefit

In addition, if your hearing aids are under warranty, we can take care of any covered repairs at no charge.

Keeping Tabs on Your Hearing

You go to the eye doctor for an annual vision checkup. You see the dentist for teeth cleanings and X-rays. You get a yearly physical exam from your doctor. Please don’t forget about your hearing!

The fact is, your hearing may change over time. At your free annual hearing evaluation, our state-of-the-art audiometric equipment can detect any changes that may have occurred since your last evaluation. In many instances, we can reprogram the hearing aids to match your current need right in our office. We’ll also check your ear canals for earwax buildup.

Are you overdue for a free hearing aid checkup or annual hearing evaluation? Please call your Miracle-Ear location right away to schedule an appointment. Being proactive is a big part of the Miracle-Ear experience — and one of the best ways to ensure long-term satisfaction.


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Meet a Provider: Taiha

Previously a nurse and health coach, Taiha chose to become a hearing aid provider to help people on a more personal and profound level.


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