Are You Experiencing Stronger Personal Connections?

Helen Keller, the famous American author, political activist and lecturer stated: “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.”

Ms. Keller knew what she was talking about — she was both blind and deaf.

“The reason communication is so important to humans is that we are all primarily social beings,” states Sam Trychin, Ph.D., a psychologist with a hearing loss. “We are dependent on other people for basic survival for the first few years, if not a decade, of our lives and for many of us, much longer than that. This survival dependency is at the root of our need for being part of a group of other human beings.”

At Miracle-Ear, we focus not just on maximizing our customers’ hearing ability, but on helping them reconnect with other people, as well as with other sounds that are important to them. Based on feedback from customers, here’s a small sampling of how these connections are strengthened:

  • Easier, less stressful conversations with spouses and other family members
  • Fewer instances of “What did you say?”
  • Increased intimate conversations that rekindle feelings of romance
  • Fewer disputes over the volume setting on the TV and other audio devices
  • Better comprehension of what grandchildren are saying
  • More social engagements with friends in a variety of settings and situations
  • More productive interactions with colleagues in the workplace
  • Greater enjoyment of music and environmental sounds

If you’re a current hearing aid wearer, we hope that you’ve been experiencing stronger connections with those you love. If you have yet to treat your hearing loss, we’d love to help you on your journey to better hearing. Call today for your free hearing test.