Ask the Expert: Hearing Aid Longevity

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi
Chief Audiology Officer, Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Chief Audiology Officer Dr. Thomas Tedeschi answers some of your common hearing-related questions.

Q: I love my Miracle-Ear hearing aids! What can I do to make sure I enjoy them for as long as possible?

A: Great question! Proper ongoing maintenance is critical to ensuring the long life of hearing aids. First of all — and I cannot stress this enough — be sure to visit your Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist on a regular basis for hearing aid clean and checks. Secondly, follow the maintenance instructions provided to you at your hearing aid fitting.”

Here are some general guidelines to help you maximize the life of your hearing aids:

  • Clean the outside of your hearing aids with a soft cloth, tissue or special hearing aid brush.
  • Dehumidify regularly, especially during humid weather, using the Miracle-Ear PerfectDry Lux kit.
  • Remove earwax with a wax loop/brush.
  • Wipe away any perspiration from inside or behind your ears.
  • Open the battery door when not in use.
  • Replace worn-out behind-the-ear or receiver-in-canal earmolds.
  • Protect the aids from excessive heat, moisture (particularly perspiration) and hair or skin care products.  

When you visit your Miracle-Ear Center for your complimentary hearing aid checkup, your hearing care specialist will check for any issues that may be covered by the Miracle-Ear warranty and make sure they get addressed.

Free Lifetime Service

Free Lifetime Service

The better we, together, take care of your hearing aids, the better they will take care of you. That's why we offer our customers free lifetime service and aftercare, including clean and checks, adjustments, repairs and annual hearing tests. It's important that your hearing aids keep up with you, and we're committed to giving you the best possible service and experience.
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