Ask the Expert: The Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi
Chief Audiology Officer, Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Chief Audiology Officer Dr. Thomas Tedeschi answers some of your common hearing-related questions.

Q: I still need to change batteries in my hearing aid. Do you have any tips for getting more life out of my hearing aid batteries?

A: Yes, definitely! First, it helps to understand the factors that can reduce battery life. These include high or low humidity, extreme temperatures and high altitude. Also, using advanced features, such as audio streaming, drains battery power more quickly. Here are some easy steps for maximizing battery life and performance:

  • Purchase batteries that are as fresh as possible. Look for expiration dates.
  • Open the battery door when the hearing aids are not in use; besides minimizing battery drain, this allows moisture to escape.
  • Do not remove the sticky tabs from the batteries until you’re ready to use them.
  • After inserting new batteries, let the hearing aids sit for at least two minutes before putting them in your ears.
  • Store the batteries at room temperature — do not refrigerate!
  • Use a hearing aid dehumidifier; this protects both the hearing aids and its
  • batteries.
  • Periodically clean the battery contacts inside the hearing aids, using a cotton swab.

Would you like to skip hearing batteries altogether? At Miracle-Ear, we have may great rechargeable options, our most recent addition being our GENIUS™ 2.0 fully rechargeable LI RIC. I encourage you to get in touch with your local Miracle-Ear representative for more information.


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