Ask the Expert: Travel Readiness Checklist

Miracle-Ear Chief Audiology Officer Dr. Thomas Tedeschi

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi
Chief Audiology Officer, Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas Tedeschi answers some of your common hearing-related questions.

Q: “My husband and I, along with our dog, are taking our first extended RV trip — going coast to coast! As a Miracle-Ear wearer, I was wondering if you can provide me with a hearing aid ‘trip readiness checklist.’”

A: I’m glad you’re being proactive about your amplification needs before embarking on your trip. Here are some important items I’d recommend for your checklist:

Before You Go

  • Schedule a hearing aid “clean and check” with your Miracle-Ear hearing professional This will ensure that your hearing aids are in top working order, and it will help prevent small issues from becoming big problems.
  • Stock up on batteries, particularly for those times when you’ll be in remote areas of the country.
  • Pack your cleaning kit, Miracle-Ear PerfectDry Lux kit, accessories and any other hearing aid-related items. Stop by your Miracle-Ear location to replenish supplies, if needed.
  • Do you have older hearing aids? Bring them along to use as emergency spares.
  • Find the nearest Miracle-Ear in case you need any service while you’re on your trip


During Your Trip

  • Clean and dry your hearing aids daily to prevent malfunctions due to wax, sweat or humidity. As a side note, perspiration puts more of your body scent on the hearing aids — and dogs like to eat items with a body scent.
  • When not wearing or drying your hearing aids, keep them in their storage box, and place the box in a consistent location (out of your dog’s reach, of course).

Above all, enjoy your RV adventure, and make lots of wonderful memories!