Embrace Your Favorite Summer Pastimes

Summer’s calling…are you listening? Think about all the marvelous sounds of summer you might be missing with a hearing loss, whether it’s waves lapping on a shore, leaves rustling, birds singing or a camp­fire crackling. Of course, you’ll probably be enjoying many summer pastimes with friends and family. Miracle-Ear® can keep you connected with others, even in challenging listening environments. For example:

Road Tripping


Road noise can be overwhelming and make it dif­ficult to hear conversation, especially if you’re driving with the window down. Fortunately, Miracle-Ear GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology, includes VoiceTarget 360 to help keep you in the conversation, no matter where the passengers’ voices are.

At the Ballgame


When the crowd is roaring, Directional Focus in our hearing aids provides comfortable listening by reducing unwanted noise around you — allowing you to enjoy the ballgame with those you love.

Playing Golf


The Wireless Windscreen feature in GENIUS 2.0 Technology automatically removes the wind noise and allows you to hear the sounds or voices that you want to wear.

Family Reunions


Just a discreet tap or two on your smartphone screen allows you to zoom in or out of conversations, thanks to the free GENIUScontrol app, available for iOS or Android™ devices.

With summer quickly approaching, now’s an ideal time to do something about your hearing loss. Don’t miss out on sounds of the season — contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.