Hearing Aid Innovator Since 1948

When it comes to technology, everybody wants to be associated with a leader; whether it has to do with the smartphone in your hand or the car you drive. As a Miracle-Ear customer, you can be confident in your connection to a long-time hearing healthcare innovator and leader.

It all started in 1948 when World War II hero Kenneth Dahlberg founded the company that introduced the world to Miracle-Ear.

Here’s a snapshot of several Miracle-Ear milestones over the years:

1955 Original Miracle-Ear — first all-in-the-ear hearing aid

1959 Miracle-Ear Solar Ear — first solar-powered hearing aid

1971 SHARP Circuit technology — significantly extended hearing aid battery life while reducing distortion

1988 Miracle-Ear Dolphin — first digitally programmable hearing aid

1988 Clarifier circuit — reduced low-frequency background noise

1994 Miracle-Ear Mirage — nearly invisible hearing aid worn completely in the ear canal

1998 Miracle-Ear Messenger — first hearing aid to be customizable by the wearer

2003 Miracle-Ear becomes the first hearing aid manufacturer to go all digital

2013 ClearVation™ technology — learned wearer’s preferences, delivering optimal amplification

2015 GENIUS™ technology — offered superior speech recognition in challenging environments (now surpassed by GENIUS™ 2.0!)

2017 GENIUS 2.0 fully rechargeable hearing aid — uses cutting-edge lithium ion technology, eliminating the need for disposable batteries

Trusting your hearing to Miracle-Ear ensures that you’ll always wear the latest, most effective technology in your ears!