Hearing Aid Life Span and Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, the average life span of a modern hearing aid is roughly three to five years. That said, many factors influence the individual life span of each device:

  • The hearing aid’s style and materials
  • Frequency of cleaning and maintenance
  • How often the hearing aid is worn
  • Environments in which the hearing aid is worn
  • How the hearing aid is stored when not in use

Ongoing Maintenance

Maximize the life and peak function of your hearing aids by doing basic cleanings regularly. It’s also important that you schedule your clean and check appointments every few months so your hearing care specialist can inspect your hearing aid. Additionally, make sure to get your own hearing checked every year once you turn 50. Our hearing care specialists can help adjust your hearing aids to accommodate any changes in your hearing.

A Word on Upgrades

Technology advances quickly in today’s world. If you wear hearing aids beyond their optimal life span, you may miss out on the latest improvements. Here are some of the top features in our latest GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology:

  • Speech Isolation highlights the most prominent speaker, isolating his or her voice from background noise.
  • VoiceTarget™ 360 also lets you focus on the voice of a companion while riding in a car – whether in the front or the back seat.
  • Our free GENIUScontrol app allows you to focus on what you want to hear.
  • The Music Master feature enriches your listening experience in a variety of musical settings.
  • Wireless Windscreen automatically reduces wind noise and replaces it with desirable sounds and voices.
  • Our new GENIUS 2.0 100% RIC lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Speak with your hearing care specialist today if you have any maintenance needs ore are interested in learning about our new technology.