Judith's Story | Miracle-Ear Foundation

Miracle-Ear of Traverse City, MI, in partnership with the Miracle-Ear Foundation, is proud to share that local resident Judith Cozart has been given the Gift of Sound™. 

Judith was struggling to understand and enjoy conversations. She knew she needed help, but didn’t think she would be able to afford hearing aids. That’s where the Miracle-Ear Foundation stepped in.

Judith applied for free hearing aids through the Miracle-Ear Foundation and was accepted. On January 9th she was fit for her new hearing aids by Hearing Instrument Specialist Josiah Grant at the Miracle-Ear in Traverse City, MI.

Judith is very excited about all her hearing aids will be able to do for her. When asked how she will benefit the most from her new hearing aids, she said, "To be able to talk with family and friends without saying 'huh‘ and 'what!‘“ She’s also excited to enjoy watching TV again.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization, supports underserved adults and children with their hearing healthcare needs. Working with Miracle-Ear hearing aid centers across the country, the Foundation has donated more than 16,000 hearing aids to over 9,100 individuals nationwide, including the aids donated to Judith Cozart.  
TV Streamer

TV Streamer

Enjoy high quality Dolby Digital® sound from the television or other audio sources directly to your GENIUS™ 3.0 hearing aids. The TV streamer connects to multiple wearers at the same time and you can personally adjust the volume to your own preferences.

Watch this video to learn how to pair the TV streamer to your hearing aids.