Keep Your Hearing Sharp With Regular Checkups

One of the biggest assumptions made about hearing aids is that once you buy a pair, you are set for life. In fact, the actual purchase of hearing aids is just the beginning.

You can think of it in the same way as buying a pair of eyeglasses: the glasses help you see things you couldn’t before, but you still need to visit your optometrist regularly to test your vision, make sure your glasses fit properly, and get a new prescription if your eyesight has changed.

The process is no different when it comes to your hearing. Like your sight, your hearing can change over time, even after you obtain hearing aids. In addition, your first hearing aid won’t last forever. Both your hearing and your hearing aids require regular professional hearing checkups to make sure that they are each functioning at their best.


Annual Hearing Tests


A yearly hearing test will assess your current level of hearing against your previous level and will help determine if there has been any decline. It’s important to catch any hearing loss early, as maintaining a good level of hearing is a key step in slowing further hearing loss. Keeping up to date with your hearing tests will help your hearing professional decide whether it is necessary to reprogram your current hearing aid or fit you with a more powerful one.


Hearing Aid Checkups


Similarly, timely checkups for your hearing aids themselves will spot any problems or malfunctions, and will ensure that the devices are working properly. At Miracle-Ear, we are pleased to provide regular hearing aid checkups free of charge* to all Miracle-Ear customers: part of our philosophy that your hearing aid purchase is the beginning of a lifetime partnership. This checkup includes a functionality test of all your hearing aid components, a check for proper hearing aid fit, an ear inspection, thorough cleaning of the aids, battery installation, and a review of your hearing aid wearing schedule and overall listening experience. Checkups are available to Miracle-Ear customers at any Miracle-Ear location nationwide.