Life’s Better When You’re More Connected

Imagine hearing aids that are an extension of your smartphone. With direct streaming of phone calls to your hearing aids, you’d hear the voices of family and friends more clearly than ever, without interference. Plus, music and videos playing on your smartphone would come through in rich, vibrant stereo. Even better, wouldn’t it be great if you could stream audio from your favorite TV programs directly to your hearing aids?

No need to imagine! These benefits and many more are now possible with the latest generation of Miracle-Ear technology: GENIUS™ 3.0. At the heart of GENIUS™ 3.0 technology is connectivity. If you depend on your smartphone, you’ll love how GENIUS™ 3.0 hearing aids keep you better connected with the people and sounds that are important to you. In addition, you can stream high-quality Dolby® Digital audio from your TV to your hearing aids, using our TV streamer accessory. This lets you hear TV programs at exactly the right volume for you (no more complaints from others in the room!).

Lots More to Love

Cutting-edge connectivity is a great reason to consider upgrading to GENIUS™ 3.0 technology. But there are many other advantages to GENIUS™ 3.0 hearing aids, including:

  • 60% more processing power than our previous technology, which means a more realistic, amazingly natural listening experience.
  • Patented Voice Recognition Technology that lets you hear your own voice as naturally as possible.
  • Excellent speech-in-noise performance, allowing you to hear conversations in all situations, even noisy environments.
  • Rechargeability offers convenience like never before.
  • Free MEcontrol app that lets you discreetly control hearing aid volume and other settings right from your smartphone.