Three Friends Receive the Gift of Sound

Miracle-Ear® of Merritt Island, FL partnered with the Miracle-Ear Foundation to provide three neighbors and friends with the Gift of Sound™.

Harriett Bradley is a 76-year-old resident of Cocoa who received her Miracle-Ear Foundation hearing aids in April of last year. Before she had her hearing aids, she had to ask people to repeat themselves numerous times in order to understand and follow the conversation. It wasn’t until her daughter told her that she was missing the main points and hearing things wrong that she realized she had a problem. Her daughter heard that the Miracle-Ear Foundation helps low-income individuals get hearing help and she made an appointment for her mother. She was very happy when she learned she was approved for hearing aids. Since receiving her hearing aids, she no longer struggles to understand the conversations and has been more social without always having to say, “Huh?”

Helene Munson is an 84-year-old resident of Cocoa and is Ms. Bradley’s neighbor. Over the last few years, she noticed a serious decline in her hearing. She was always asking people to repeat themselves.  Soon she just pretended she could hear and understand what others were saying.  Unfortunately, her financial situation kept her from taking charge of her hearing health.  But then, her good friend Harriett Bradley told her about the Miracle-Ear Foundation and how they were able to help her. Helene immediately made an appointment at Miracle-Ear. When she found out she was approved to receive assistance from the Foundation she was very excited. She received her Miracle-Ear hearing aids shortly after.

Patsy Thompson is an 80-year-old resident of Cocoa and is Harriet and Helene’s neighbor, as well. She has struggled with hearing loss for nearly 10 years, but after her husband passed away, her financial situation prevented her from getting the help she needed. Work for Patsy was difficult because she couldn’t understand conversations due to diminished comprehension associated with the hearing loss.  She became worried that she would miss something important. After talking with her neighbors, she made an appointment and filled out the Foundation application.  She soon was approved and received her very first set of hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation.  When asked how she feels about this she exclaimed, “I think it’s just marvelous!” She is looking forward to being able to turn the TV down and not be such a bother to her wonderful neighbors!

“We’re proud to support better hearing in our community,” said local Miracle-Ear owner Pat Curry. “When given the chance to improve lives through the Gift of Sound, we want to ensure every Merritt Island resident has the opportunity.”

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation®, together with our donors, has donated over 16,000 hearing aids to more than 9,000 individuals nationwide. We do this because we believe everyone should have the ability to hear a better day.
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