Savor the Sweet Sounds of Summer

With summer in full swing, we want to know: Are you experiencing all the magical sounds of the season? We’re delighted when our customers tell us about sounds they’ve rediscovered with Miracle-Ear hearing aids. And, for many, there’s no better time for a “hearing revival” than summertime!

From morning to night, summer brings a treasure trove of sounds, whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors, celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, or simply relaxing in your backyard. When you stop and think about it, these sounds add color to your experiences and enrich your life.

Which summer sounds bring you the greatest pleasure? If you want to impress yourself, make a list of the summertime sounds you hear during the course of a day. The sounds can really add up! Here’s a little inspiration to help you get started.

On a Morning Walk


You never know what you might hear on a stroll through your neighborhood or favorite park:

  • The songs of local birds (can you identify them?)
  • Leaves softly rustling
  • The murmur of a gentle stream
  • The voice of your walking companion



At Lunchtime


Make a date with your spouse, favorite cousin, or close friend for lunch at an outdoor café:

  • Specials of the day from your soft-spoken server
  • Conversations, especially when surrounded by noise
  • A whispered joke or secret


Afternoon at Leisure


The pace may slow down a bit as the day gets hotter — but there’s still plenty to be heard:

  • The jingling music of an ice cream truck in your neighborhood
  • The clunk of a golf ball hitting the bottom of the cup
  • Bumble bees buzzing in the garden


An Easygoing Evening


As your day winds down, your ears may become even more “tuned in” to the sounds around you:

  • The swish of a lawn sprinkler
  • Burgers, steaks or chicken sizzling on the grill
  • Conversation around the picnic table
  • A cricket’s lullaby


If you’re not fully experiencing all the fabulous sounds of summer, please get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation check-up.