Technology Corner:
ReadyFit CIC

Packed with advanced GENIUS™ 2.0 features, the tiny ReadyFit CIC is nearly invisible in the ear. This hearing aid is ideal for individuals looking for a comfortable and discreet on-the-spot solutions without sacrificing top-of-the-line quality. No ear impressions required, four different sleeve sizes, and suitable for any ear means you can walk in, experience ReadyFit and walk out with an advanced CIC hearing aid without having to wait for a custom-built device.

Incredibly comfortable. Incredibly discreet.

As one of the smallest hearing aids available, ReadyFit is nearly invisible. The soft Click Sleeves come in four sizes to deliver a precise and comfortable fit for every individual.

Ready. Fit. Go.

Your Hearing Instrument Specialist can fit and adjust ReadyFit hearing aids to your personal preferences on the spot so you can take full advantage of your better hearing immediately.

Advanced technology.

Even with its small size, ReadyFit still provides innovative features that deliver outstanding sound quality proven to make listening easier, such as SingleMic™ directionality, wireless connectivity, tinnitus control and feedback cancellation.

The ReadyFit CIC is a great option for many with hearing loss. If you think it could help you hear better days, reach out to your nearest Miracle-Ear hearing aid center today!