Technology Corner: RIC Hearing Aids

The popularity of receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids has spread quickly in the last several years. They often have similar features to behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, but are even less noticeable. Look at ten reasons why people are loving this style of hearing aid.



The receiver is located closer to your eardrum, so sound doesn’t have to travel as far to reach its target, meaning less amplification is needed.



RIC hearing aids are very slim and light. The hide behind your ear, with a thin wire slightly larger than a human hair connecting the receiver to the rest of the aid.



As mentioned, RICs are quite discreet, but are still larger than most custom models. This means there’s room for more features, like directional microphones or t-coil settings.


Longer Battery Life

Again, because this style is bigger than custom aids, there’s more space for a larger battery, and in turn longer battery life.



When fitted properly by a professional, RIC hearing aids fit snugly behind the ear and are comfortable for even the most active users.


Natural Sound

Because a thin tip hold the receiver in place, natural sound reaches the eardrum unamplified. This provides more natural sound quality overall as well as improved own-voice quality.


Reduced Feedback

Amplified sound re-entering the microphone often results in whistling, but the increased distance between the microphone and received reduces this effect. More volume can be delivered to the ear without feedback.


Easily Repaired

If the receiver needs repairing, this can often be done by your hearing care specialist while you wait, meaning less time without your hearing aids.



RIC hearing aids are very flexible and you can work with your hearing care specialist to easily adjust the programming as your hearing continues to change.


Quick Delivery

Because these hearing aids are not custom, they can often be selected, fit and programmed on a shorter timeline than custom-fit products.


Schedule your appointment today to see if this versatile hearing aid style is right for you!