Technology Corner: Speech Isolation

With Miracle-Ear hearing aid technology, listening is easier. This is accomplished by selectively activating and steering three key technologies in parallel: Noise reduction, directionality and now with our newest technology, by detecting the target speech and amplifying the dominant speaker over all other sounds in any environment.

Selectively Targeting Speech

Our Speech Isolation feature provides three key technologies for easier listening:

Noise reduction reduces background noise.

Directionality focuses on the direction of the target speaker.

Amplification elevates the target speaker over all other sounds in the environments.


Listen with Ease

By conducting all GENIUS™ 2.0 features in any situation. Speech Isolation amplifies the dominant speaker‘s voice and makes listening easier all day, everyday.

At the dinner table: Our hearing instrument wearer is enjoying dinner with the family. The radio is playing and someone is rustling through the pages of the newspaper. Speech Isolation engages noise reduction to minimize the rustling of the paper and other noises in the background so that the voice from across the table is singled out for clear and effortless understanding.

At the airport: Our wearer is chatting to a colleague at the airport. In the background, the sound of announcements make this a demanding situation. Speech Isolation activates speech and noise management to reduce the unwanted sounds and narrow directionality to focus on speech coming from the front. The voices of the speakers within the directional cone behind the colleague are also attenuated for clear and relaxed conversation.

At work: At the office, phones are ringing and people are talking across the open room. For a one-on-one conversation, it’s a distracting situation. Noise reduction is automatically activated, minimizing unwanted sound such as the phones. When people around the wearer start speaking, Speech Isolation also attenuates them and focuses on the main voice, making understanding effortless.

At an outdoor restaurant: Our wearer is with friends at a restaurant. Traffic in the background is loud and is escalated with the noise of the wind and voices from the next table, making hearing difficult. Directional microphones and noise reduction are activated, suppressing the traffic sounds while Wireless Windscreen cuts down the wind noise. Speech Isolation also attenuates surrounding sound even further by singling out the main speaker.


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