Technology Corner: T-Coil

You put hearing aids in your ears and — voila! — you’re suddenly connected to a new world of sound around you. As fantastic as this is, our GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing aids can do so much more, thanks to the “magic” of advanced wireless technologies.

If you attend events in large auditoriums or theaters, or travel through busy airports or train stations or other venues where sound is broadcasted, you may have experienced listening difficulties due to background noise or reverberation (echoing). A hearing loop system, or simply loop system, can eliminate these annoyances when used with your hearing aids and eliminates the need to use cumbersome headsets.

A loop system consists of a fixed wire embedded or installed around the perimeter of many public spaces. This wire transmits amplified speech or music from the facility’s sound system, directly and wirelessly, into hearing aids equipped with a special feature called a telecoil, or t-coil. The t-coil receives information from the loop system by a magnetic signal and your hearing aids essentially become mini-loud speakers, providing you with clear, interference-free listening.

The benefits of a t-coil and hearing loop system include:

  • They are very inconspicuous. Loop systems offer an easy, invisible solution to an invisible problem.
  • Since loop systems are hearing aid compatible, there’s no need to switch between hearing aids and another device, like a headset.
  • The t-coil delivers personalized sound directly to your ear based on your hearing aid settings.

Our GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing aids offer the option of a t-coil, allowing our hearing aid-wearers to experience the best possible sound in airports, houses of worship, auditoriums, entertainment venues and much more. Most of our hearing aids also feature wireless Bluetooth® connectivity for music players, mobile phones, TVs, laptops and tablets. If you’d like to know more about these amazing technologies and how you could benefit, visit your local Miracle-Ear today.

GENIUS™ 2.0 Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid

New GENIUS™ 2.0 Rechargeable RIC

The GENIUS™ 2.0 Rechargeable RIC has an integrated design, making this the most simple and convenient solution. Our latest technology offers built-in power there is no battery to handle or replace. With no charging contacts to align– just drop the hearing aid in and let the charger do the rest. Add this to the other amazing features that GENIUS 2.0 technology has to offer, this hearing aid allows you the freedom to make the most of your day, every day.

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