Technology Corner: Your Favorite GENIUS™ 2.0 Features

When Miracle-Ear introduced GENIUS™ 2.0 technology in our latest hearing aids, we knew our customers would love it. But the enthusiastic response has far exceeded our expectations! What makes GENIUS™ 2.0 technology so special? Here are the things wearers like most:

Zooming in on the Conversation


Our Speech Isolation feature is a huge difference-maker. It highlights the most prominent speaker, isolating his or her voice from background noise. VoiceTarget™ 360 also lets you focus on the voice of a companion while riding in a car – whether in the front or the back seat.

‘Smart’ Control of Volume and More


A few discreet taps on an iPhone or Android smartphone screen lets you control hearing aid volume, programs, bass/treble and the ability to focus on what you want to hear, thanks to the free GENIUScontrol app.

Enjoying Music to the Max


 Music lovers are singing the praises of our Music Master feature. It enriches the listening experience in a variety of situations, whether you are listening to music at home, from the stage at a concert hall or performing yourself.

Minimizing Wind Noise


For outdoor enthusiasts, our Wireless Windscreen feature automatically reduces wind noise and replaces it with desirable sounds and voices.

Bonus: No Batteries to Change!


With our new GENIUS 2.0 fully rechargeable RIC, you can enjoy all of these benefits (and many more) without the hassle of changing batteries.

Call our Miracle-Ear location for a free, no-obligation opportunity to experience this amazing technology for yourself.


100% Rechargeable GENIUS 2.0 RIC Hearing Aid

The GENIUS™ 2.0 Rechargeable RIC has an integrated design making this the most simple and convenient solution. With built-in power there is no battery to handle or replace. With no charging contacts to align– just drop the hearing aid in and let the charger do the rest.

The built-in power cell lasts for 24 hours on a single charge so that you can hear a better day, all day long.

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