The Story of Ken Dahlberg: An American Entrepreneur

Ken Dahlberg, founder of Miracle-Ear, was an American through and through. Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, he milked cows and shot squirrels as a kid. At 24, he joined the Army Air Corps, flew cover for the D-Day invasion in Normandy and shot down 15 German planes to become one of America’s few Triple Aces. He was also shot down three times, escaped twice and ended the war in a POW camp in Moosburg, Germany. Ken was awarded several awards for his service, including the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

When Ken returned home, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in as he started a small electronics company in 1948. In 1955, a team of committed scientists and Ken invented the first Miracle-Ear hearing aid. In the years since then, we’ve made thousands of technological advances. Ken was extremely passionate about helping people improve their lives through better hearing. Seventy years later, there are over 1,400 Miracle-Ear Centers nationwide dedicated to helping millions of people hear better.

Miracle-Ear continues to be passionate about helping others hear the world around them, including those in our communities who are unable to afford hearing healthcare. Through the Gift of Sound™, Miracle-Ear provides hearing aids to individuals who cannot afford them. To date, thousands of hearing aids have been donated to children and adults nationwide.