Two Ears Are Better Than One

Hearing does not happen in your ears, but in your brain. Your brain uses information from your ears to decipher sound, as well as provide space perception, depth perception and balance. If you’re using one hearing aid when your hearing test indicates that you should be using two, the chances of your brain getting all the information it needs to hear and understand reduces by 50%. It also removes the ability to perceive space and depth. Here are some reasons why you should invest in two hearing aids if your hearing loss requires it.

  • Less amplification power is required when two hearing aids are worn. The lower reduced need for amplification means that loud sounds are more comfortable and listening is less stressful.
  • Anyone who has listened to music in stereo, as opposed to mono, knows that it’s necessary for depth perception. Mono makes all sounds seem flat and unnatural. Your hearing is the same: your brain can hear in stereo, but it requires that we use both ears. Things will sound more natural and will also be more easily understood.
  • Hearing with two ears allows you to detect what direction a sound is coming from. Someone using only one ear to listen is often wondering, “Where is that sound coming from?” Binaural listening, however, gives the listener a sense of location and the ability to locate sounds in all directions.
  • Just as your brain uses the images that each of your eyes see to create one cohesive picture, your two ears working together creates this spatial perception. The two halves of your brain work together to give you an auditory image. Binaural hearing aids help the ears get the messages to both sides of the brain.
  • In noisy environments with multiple people speaking at once, like at a restaurant, it becomes more difficult to understand the one person at the table with you. Voice discrimination is difficult even with two ears and becomes almost impossible with only one. Binaural hearing aids provide the greatest advantage to hearing in noise.
  • Those listening with one ear are often considered rude because they tend to ignore people speaking on their unaided side. In business and social settings, wearing two hearing aids is your best bet for being the bet listener possible.

Binaural hearing is the best way to experience the beautiful world around you. Seize this opportunity to enhance your listening quality…..with both ears!