Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid

Tinnitus Control
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation

Behind-the-ear hearing aids owe their long-standing popularity to their power, ease of use, and durability.


  • Great for all levels of hearing loss
  • Offers maximum amplification
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to handle and adjust
  • Direct audio input

Technology Available:

Colors Available

BTE hearing aids are the most powerful solutions available. The receiver, microphone and amplifier are all housed together behind the ear, with a clear plastic tube connecting the shell to an earmold in the ear. The larger size allows for many features and a long-lasting battery life. BTEs are also known to be extremely durable.

Because of its size and location on the ear, BTEs are more visible than other styles. Also, the placement of the microphone makes them more sensitive to wind and other feedback.