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Hearing Aid Styles

Miracle-Ear hearing aids are made to help you hear better days; no matter what those days entail. These incredible hearing devices are designed to fit the lifestyle of any customer, from an outdoorsman to a devout music lover. Our providers are specifically trained to find the right combination of style and technology to make every aspect of your life fuller and more vibrant.

Whether you want a more discreet option or need something with maximum amplification, we have the right style for you.

RIC Hearing Aid


RIC hearing aids are a great option for any level of hearing loss, making them our most popular style.
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Behind-the-ear hearing aids owe their long-standing popularity to their power, ease of use, and durability.

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BTE Hearing Aids
IIC Hearing Aids


Our nearly invisible solution is the best option for those who want completely discreet hearing help.
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Completely-in-canal is one of the smallest solutions available and custom-fit for you.
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CIC Hearing Aids
ITC Hearing Aids


This solution offers a discreet fit as well as a natural listening experience.
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In-the-ear hearing aids are the right solution for those who want a custom-fit product that’s easy to use.
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ITE Hearing Aids