Miracle-Ear GENIUS™ 3.0 RIC

Noise Reduction
Tinnitus Control
Feedback Cancellation

Connect to life with our first ever direct streaming hearing aid.. Get extraordinary sound quality in our small RIC design. Choose between two case designs and battery sizes: 13 and 312.

  • Most natural sound quality and best speech understanding in noise
  • Direct Bluetooth connectivity
  • Longest wearing time while streaming
  • Small and discreet design
Level of Loss Battery Size Number of Channels Compatible Apps Price
mild to profound 13, 312 up to 48 MEcontrol Pricing available at your local Miracle-Ear


Colors Available

Life Your Life Connected.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity

With 60% more processing power than its predecessor, GENIUS™ 3.0 delivers exceptionally realistic sound quality, so you can hear the way you were meant to hear. Understand speech clearly in all situations, even in noisy environments such as restaurants. Patented Voice Recognition Technology recognizes and separately processes your own voice so that you hear it as naturally as possible.

At Miracle-Ear, we believe that not only should you experience your best hearing, but using our hearing aids should be comfortable as well. Receiver-in-canal hearing aids fit comfortably over your ear. With the receiver in the ear canal, you can count on superior sound quality without having the entire device in your ear, like a custom-fit product.

Of the many advanced features developed for hearing aids in recent years, directional microphones are among the most popular. An adaptive directional microphone can detect the location of the strongest source of unwanted noise, and adapt its settings to reduce noise on contact. This will also give you the ability to directionally focus your device on the speaker or sound that you'd like to hear.

Features like Speech Isolation, VoiceTarget 360 and Phone Surround will make it easier than ever for you to understand speech in noisy situations.

Life’s better when you’re more connected. New GENIUS™ 3.0 technology from Miracle-Ear will make you feel more connected than ever—connected to the people who are important to you and to all of the sounds that enrich your life. Miracle-Ear offers the only combination of direct binaural iPhone® streaming with wireless ear-to-ear communication and uncompromised sound quality. Connect your hearing aids directly to smartphones and TVs for high-quality audio streaming with low battery consumption.

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