Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Apps

Connect your Miracle-Ear brand hearing aid to our exclusive mobile hearing aid apps that take your hearing and connectivity to the next level.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid App

Miracle-Ear App

The Miracle-Ear App allows you to easily and quickly adjust the functions of your hearing aid so you can hear optimally in the most diverse situations. In addition, you can receive real-time data on your daily use and quickly access imformation about maintinging your hearing aid.

Download the Miracle-Ear app for Apple® or Android®.

Miracle-Ear GENIUSlink and GENIUSlink App

GENIUSlink and GENIUSlink App

Wirelessly connect the GENIUSlink audio streamer to your Bluetooth®– enabled devices to hear your favorite sounds clearly. Use your GENIUS™ 2.0 and GENIUS™ hearing aids with your MP3 player, phone, TV, and other audio sources to hear directly in both ears. One multifunction button makes it convenient to switch between multiple audio devices. The optional GENIUSlink app offers additional control of the sounds that you want to hear, whether in front, back or to the side. You can also connect and listen to your favorite apps (such as Facetime, Pandora,® Google Maps, Apple TV ® and more!). The app is free to download on Apple® iTunes or GooglePlay™ app stores.
Miracle-Ear GENIUScontrol App

GENIUScontrol App

Turn your Apple® or Android™ smartphone into a remote control with the GENIUScontrol app. As discreet as sending a text, you can control the volume and programs on your hearing aids without an additional device. The app is free to download on Apple® iTunes or GooglePlay™ app stores.