Mirage IIC

Custom Fit
Tinnitus Control
Feedback Cancellation

Mirage is a fully-programmable, digital hearing aid, custom-designed by a Miracle-Ear consultant to fit your ear canal.

  • The smallest hearing aid currently available
  • SingleMic Directionality
  • Completely wireless for binaural wireless ear-to-ear communication


Level of Loss Battery Size Number of Channels Compatible Apps Price
mild to moderate 10 up to 48 GENIUScontrol Pricing available at your local Miracle-Ear


Available Colors

Nearly Invisible. Fully Programmable.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity

Our exclusive GENIUS™ 2.0 technology offers the superior audibility and key features to take your listening experience to the next level, including:

  • Speech Isolation and Music Master to enhance enjoyment of listening to music and conversation in noisy environments
  • Extended bandwidth with up to 48 channels for a more crisp, brilliant sound
  • Feedback cancellation and frequency compression for easier listening anywhere you go

At Miracle-Ear, one of our main focuses is hearing comfort in noisy situations. The nearly invisible Mirage proudly features:

  • Digital noise reduction to take care of unwanted background noise
  • Wind noise reduction to making listening outdoors a breeze
  • Intelligent Peak Smoothing to minimize sudden loud noises
  • Echo Guard to soften sounds that reflect off hard surfaces

Of the many advanced features developed for hearing aids in recent years, directional microphones are among the most popular. The Mirage's directional SingleMic™ detects the location of the strongest source of unwanted noise and adapt its settings to reduce noise on contact. 

Miracle-Ear devices seamlessly connect with your smartphone and other devices. The connectivity features offer the ability to recall your usage data when speaking with your hearing care professional, smartphone apps to adjust volume and programs, and an automated accilmatization program that helps adjust amplification volumes for new wearers over time.


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