PSAPs vs. Hearing Aids

What You Need to Know About PSAPs and Hearing Aids

If you’ve been searching for hearing amplifiers or solutions, you’ve probably come across a low-cost option called personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs. But what exactly are these hearing amplification devices, and how do they differ from hearing aids? 

Here are three important differences between the two products.

Difference #1: Class of Product

PSAPs are basic sound amplifiers for those who do not have hearing loss. The FDA does not regulate them. On the other hand, hearing aids are FDA-regulated medical devices that are customized to your specific hearing loss.

Difference #2: Amplification Style

PSAPs amplify all sounds—even those you don’t want to hear. This can actually damage (instead of help) your hearing. In contrast, hearing aids use advanced technology to selectively amplify the sounds you need to hear, while reducing background noise and feedback. (Learn more about how hearing aids work.)

Difference #3: Fit & Features

PSAPs are only available in standard settings. Typically, they are one size fits all. Hearing aids, however, can be custom-programmed by a Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist to suit your specific hearing loss and listening needs. They can also be custom-molded for a secure and ultra-comfortable fit.

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Hearing Care Specialist

Meet a Provider: Dennis

When Dennis holds a hearing aid in his hand, he doesn’t just see a medical device; he sees a powerful solution to his patients’ needs. “It’s really not the device itself—it’s what it offers them,” he says. “It’s the solution to their problems, to their needs that they’re missing in their life.” In order to provide the best care for each person that walks through the door, Dennis truly enjoys sitting down with each customer and getting to know their lifestyle and needs. 

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